Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To Whom It May Concern #4

And this concerns the three or four people who look at this blog now and then: 
And I guess what I want to say is that, yes, the entries are hit and miss and sometimes blindly idiosyncratic, that they are of little relevance or consequence beyond the world from whence they came. I understand this. And even to me they are sometimes silly, mere practice, some foundering search among the grass blades of my memory to be thrown out on the electronic page ad hoc, organized as it comes to me, in a single draft. I often post them without going over them even once. I do try to go over them at some point--sometimes before I write another--but really only for typos or unclear sentences. My hope is that, eventually, these little ditties can be viewed within the larger context and thus display some sense of subtle absurdity, or gain some sense of gravity. But, they are not meant to be grave. They are meant to evoke something in the reader from his or her own experience, while allowing me to gently cogitate upon my own. They are meant to be read in the space of a coffee break, with about as much seriousness as a coffee break should allow. I will not know what they really are until I know what they really are--as Yogi Berra might say--either as a group or singularly if I ever rework them beyond the coffee break realm. So. . . so. So, this is all rather unnecessary, isn't it? But I couldn't think of anything else to write today.
And, I guess, I'm just trying to be gentle. Nice. Conversational (albeit in a monologue way) and contemplative and casual. Maybe it won't work. But for the reader it's a matter of taking a break from work or politics or concerns and seeing what inane little thing I have to say. That's part of my intention . . . There's the saying, nice guys finish last. Someone also wrote, "Nice Guys Finish Lunch." (And I think that guy--a comedy writer--died when a cliff collapsed under him while on vacation in Hawaii. Huh.) So, for now, I guess I'm just trying to finish lunch.

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