Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Smelling The Ocean: Fort Lauderdale 1996

When we first moved to Fort Lauderdale, we lived at the Riverside Hotel. It was downtown, on Las Olas, and Fru's job paid for it. Next door to the hotel was a small Lebanese restaurant. I liked what they made. The owner--Lebanese--ran the place and I talked to him a bit. He was the one who directed me to Victoria Park as a place to find a home.

So, we rented in Victoria Park for one year before we bought a house in the River Oaks neighborhood..

My two girls were very little--had just turned five and three. When we moved to the rental on 10th Street in Victoria Park, I often drove Fru to work downtown--which was not far away. The girls would come with us. And after we dropped Fru off at work, I'd just head straight down Las Olas to the ocean.

This was summer. It was hot. Yes: HOT. Humid. But when we got to the beach and I drove down the road there (A1A), I rolled down all the windows. The Atlantic was to our left and I always said to the girls: "Smell the ocean."

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