Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Myopic And Self Indulgent History #7

The 1970s.
I don't think too often about the 1970s, at least not on purpose.
If I recall correctly, I spent the seventies in three places, but mainly only in one:Des Moines.
If I remember correctly, I lived within the boundaries of family life in 1970 and we were still in Tennessee, but by the end of 1970--by November--we were in Iowa. Des Moines, as I said. And then by the tail end of the seventies I was in Iowa City (but, still in Iowa, still connected to family for the most part).
The seventies, for me, are about adolescence. They are about self-sadness and self-consciousness. They are about awkward times and self-isolated times and the throes of high school. But, there must have been good times as well. Yes, there were. And I did have friends--plenty of them, some who I am still connected with to this day. But I had a difficult time in the seventies--at least as I recall it--I had a long, drawn-out adolescence, one of your usual angst and pain, but also one of intense depression which led to self-pity and withdrawal and inner-discovery. I doubt that I will explore the deep sadness I felt in those mid-seventies years. At least, it won't show up on the page--too embarrassing, I fear. But that doesn't mean I won't think of it, remember it as best I can. So for now I think I'll look towards the positive things, the little things, the mundane and the absurd.
To slip into "To Whom It May Concern" territory, this blog is still but a vanity project (at least on the surface). It's still just a dip of the toe in the water of my own life--my own ego, psyche, history, connections, my own true thoughts. All posts are still but quick hits, little shrines to the self, little pools of shallow water that reflect only the thinest of reflections, which--for now--suits me just fine. These current years I don't really have the time and patience, the courage, to wade into deeper things.
I am my only reader.
So, the seventies . . . Let's see what I come up with.

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