Friday, July 17, 2009

Myopic And Self Indulgent History #4

Last week I was in Wakulla County. In Florida. I stayed at a place triangulated between Medart and Crawfordville and St. Marks. It was near Panacea and Spring Creek and Sopchoppy. And I visited all those places. And I drove over to Apalachicola. And it was interesting. Wakulla County is mostly National Forest and National Wildlife Refuge and State Forest and State Park. The towns are small, strange, honest and good.
How much longer will that last?
I still love the panhandle of Florida. I like the people. Even though my personal beliefs and politics don't quite jibe with the area, I'm still drawn to it. I always thought I'd end up out west--either the Pacific Northwest: Washington or Oregon; or somewhere in the Mountain West: Montana, Idaho; maybe even the Southwest because of New Mexico . . . But I haven't ended up in those places. And I'm still drawn to the South. I don't know why, exactly. I'll probably have the misfortune to die and be buried in Ohio or something.

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