Monday, June 8, 2009

To Whom It May Concern #5

Just a few thoughts about what I'm doing with this strange memoir/blog: So far I've only written about the 80's--and really have not tapped too deeply into them at that--and have moved into the 60's. As said before, I mainly track my past through places I have lived and small events within those places. It's haphazard in scope and order and I like it like that. But I have enforced some control by sticking with the 80's at first, then moving into the 60's now. At some point I'll include the 90's, then the 70's and so on, until--should I really keep doing this--I'll catch up to the present. Then I can write about any time and any place I happen to think about that day--which is how I do this--which is to say, I sit down and think and start typing and end up with crazy annoying sentences like this one sometimes. (Sorry.) There are many things I have not touched upon. Things such as sex and politics and social mores can be tricky subjects and I don't want this (essentially unread, un-followed) blog to become an outpost for my own erotica, political theatre or sermonizing. I remember quite a bit of the changes the 60's and early 70's brought to society--which shaped me, politically, sexually, morally (as did the 80's through the 00's, for that matter)--but for now, I don't choose to go there. At least not in a direct manner.
Okay, this is enough indulgence for a self-indulgent post.

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